Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mallard Bags N Tat (Commercial)

A couple of my friends, esteemed architect Dan Lee & ilustrator  (and noisemaker with new, prone-and-cumming band Housewives) Joe Rafferty, based above Ridley road market in Dalston, are making these rather fine waxed canvas bags.
If you want one, let me know. Being grafting, genuine, earthen salt geezers as they are, they don't have an outlet set up yet, but I can pass on a number to any interested parties. A nice change from the usual misery I post ey? Normal service will however, shortly be resumed.

Monday, 25 March 2013

A fine institution

With nothing to do in a mad house, kleptomanic urges take hold. Im sure these were bin bound anyway. All by Elsie, willfully wheelchair bound and convinced 'the Germans' were after her. She had a sort of broken nose - that was from the Germans pushing her over. That Happy Easter (Frogs <3) card is topical now, but was made and displayed in early January. Remember. This is all fiction. Rest peacefully..