Monday, 4 June 2012

And it Did.

As per-fahkin, we were the only house round here who made any effort for the queens jubilee at all .

Faced with rainy street parties, we made our way to central London, which could only be described as Hell and a terrifying glimpse of the Olympics to come. We had an invite to a party, a dangerously genuine affair,  offering again, a birds eye view onto everyone having a much worse time in the pouring rainy crowded streets. My advice now stands on royal affairs - take to the sky.  Here's some postcards for you to send to any people you may know in the commonwealth.

Red Matt Baker?  That they allowed Mr Baker any Royal airtime after this little incident of gross disrespect for the ruling class is typical indeed of the BBC coverage of the day, which was broadly surreal, and included at least one very inappropriate joke about torture and Iran. Ameture's hour aside..

                                                     Hatched-faced jubilee to one and all.
 6 stolen chocolate mousses later and we were on the roof, allowing us a laugh at all the little people.
It's that time again. The British people, whipped into frenzy, display their talent for scaling previously unconsidered objects in their pursuit of a better view of a screen.

So it did reign, enough to ruin everyones cowie-buzz.
Fegan was his usual self, showing off about Chelsea and penalties, shouting about James Hewitt, stuffing his face..
And I think it's fair to say by the end of the proceedings I could tell Matthew Silcox and Abigale Jones were starting to feel rather tired by all the excitement.
So, I went and met up with Dylan Edge / Mortimer, (famous actor) and Ryan Siddal (tortured artist) ((both not pictured)) and got pissed. Until next time..

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