Sunday, 19 August 2012

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For all the importance, or lack of it, which can be, incorrectly or not, applied to any use or abuse, as they more commonly say, something separate, must be said for one.
As a participant from my early life, of what has always been foolishly grouped as one 'exploit', or another, I'm repeatedly struck by the strength, or to be honest, intrinsicness of, one.
Some things get you, in a funny way, you could never have predicted, probably due to the aforehinted, grouped-togetherness, of certain things far more then is permissible.
It seems overly dramatic to ascribe to one element, ( apt scientificies escape me, being but a lay) of certain accessible concentrations of the world available to us which simply defy explanation, understanding, or as we usually understand these things, Control.
Can something understood as, beheld as a matta part be, in its own right, a being in itself, possessing a personality, an edge, a vibe, as it were? Can an element concentrate, in what has always stood in civilized, hisorcized human relic, have it's own evil? It's own definitive power, drive, resonance as that which cannot be simply dealt with, like the others, but rather deals out, the proceedings?

Things all have their own atomic structure, and with it their acoustic resonance, which chimes with certain beings and not others, co-ordinating, chording perfectly, or imperfectly, like the minor scales which so long were forbidden in western musical sensibility, completing an imperfect, exiting, threatening, appealing harmony to those not satisfied with the current niceity?

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