Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dismember 1st / Clean 'Thirteen

                            Can't remember anything starting from Dec31st'11. No Rpts pls.
                                                                  What you didn't miss:


  1. hands across the internet. Your blogs are the only reason I venture into the slowly festering web death that is blogspot. I don't know why I'm commenting, I just wanted to let you know someone's reading. (write more)

    1. Hello there. Thank you for your kindness and all of my apologies for not replying sooner. all I can say is, iv been wasting my life. there';ll be a few enjoyable posts on the hozion in the next few wekks though. And maybe tonight. Do you write? or do anything i might find interesting? All the best, Ellen Wood .

      ps ta owen, if you can see this too. see you soon and we'll get smashed

    2. well we're all wasting it aren't we. today I bought a coat, the same sort of coat worn by soviet soldiers. it smells terrible because it's been in storage for 25 years waiting for me. it went into storage before I was born and today it arrives and it stinks. I mean, what is that?

      I can't return it, not after it having waited for me for 25 years. Can you imagine the heartbreak?

      I write, though, it's probably not interesting. I think I might write something interesting soon. Maybe I'll tell you when I do.

      (I think it just needs airing)