Saturday, 28 January 2012

aren't people srange

Aren't people strange, huh? Aren't they QUEER! Oh? what's that? you think they are? I do too actually.  And, I've found the queerest cross section can be found in respectable newspapers, whose employees wear pinstripe, and then the sort of newspapers which ram themselves uninvited through your grey, provinchial letter box of your shit house on your miserable damp estate, every single fortnight for the rest of your shit boring life, the osrt of newspapers which just seem so much more YOU and remind you of everything that has been and is to come. I HATE The News Guardian. The News Guardian is basically a mouthpiece for Northumbria Police and Linda Arkley, an old tory hoor whose job appears to be going to roundabouts / potholes / fences / sports fields / flower beds / leisure centers and posing for a photograph in The News Guardian. "4 New Jobs created at Morrissons",  "Eggselent", "Snow-going-back" "The 'Writing's on the wall' for [INSERT]", "You'll have to mend ways, Man told" ETCETERA ETCETERA... unfortunately one of my fave articles has disappeared :

I invite you to use that link to find out what's going on in Tyneside yourself, I'm afriad you have missed a recent event covered at Collingwoods monunment, which "Almost a Dozen" people attended.

The News Guardian was a frequent feature in an a series of paintings (sort of) which did attempt to cataclysmize such mundanity by collecting it and sticking it together in M&W's (that's us, btw) never ending shit-storm of enormous, heavy bits of art, called 'Shopicals' which, like one's altzhiemic parents, you know will be a worrysome and heavy burden and will probably get thrown in the Thames by 2013..Actually, they will be donated to local Newspapers nationwide, if anyone has any nominations of deserving titles. Some pictures of the Shopicals will be online soon. In the mean time, give one of these poor buggers some luv.
Photos;NG, Words;Telegraph

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