Saturday, 28 January 2012

Riding it out

Hello. I am Ellen Wood, DOB JUL1989, OV Shields.
You may not know me, but you soon will. I am a devastatingly good looking artistic and musical genius, with a impressive range of general knowledge. I have a smattering of outputs all over the internet so I thought I'd get them all together on here in a more comprehensive manner.

The past few years at University, studying anthropology of flipping worthless and depressing knowledge into the air and trying to catch it in my mouth, have rather gotten in the way of organizing real work - enjoyable things like writing and drawing and filming people without their knowledge, transporting them to a universe of pretense. So there will be bits and bobs of old things on here, but mostly current updated stuff. I like to use film and make sure everything I make looks like it predates 1995 at least. Why, I do not know.

I  do a lot of work with my colleague M. Silcox, one might call it the great work, as we are, very charitably trying to improve the world for the better via means of subterfuge that I am not able to fully disclose currently. We also draw cocks a lot and sometimes other things but not as often and we go to the pub like every single night and have chips for our tea like every single day, alternating on condiments. I like working with other film makers, and musicians and stuff lots and lots so do get in touch if you think you're hard enough.
That's all, ciaow, here's a few holiday snaps just to get things under way, most things in these photographs have changed considerably.
And here's a little music to tide you over. I hope you like it, but I don't care

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