Monday, 13 February 2012

I went to a dyslexic rave on friday...everyone was on T, and in the corner there was some guy trying to inject a heron..

Greetings (scottish usage)
Today the sun has not shun, ..shone? shon? (in Peckham or in Wapping, which after all is just a few stops away on the tube, ho)* and I am full of nausea, sore-jaw and the gentle blues, but I have  had a pleasent day in Peckham. I bought a marc almond cover of I feel love, nice, nice and pervy, and a coat, which had a tissue in the pocket, which I threw away, wasetfully. 
I visited the Library where I considered, though did not enact smashing common convention by asking the librarians to be quiet.
I never did, as I have long learnt that the rules are different in Peckham, and one is constantly concerned with being heard over buses, especially indoors.

"where's mummy?!" "She's in FRAHNCE"
"where's mummmmy?!?!' "SHE'S IN FRAAAHHNCE MANDY! Cross the road NOW"

Has just gone past my window. Children who's parents are frequently unpleasant and short with them turn out to be much more tolerable adults. Single glazing is really a window onto the world. 

Anyway, how about a tiny slice of topicana?. The footage is old, shot during some or other doomed world cup, I just came across it again..

*I would be in no way happy if the Sun shut down, because I love it. Dear Deirdre, news in is the only newspaper which helpfully puts its most important words in bold, allowing for you to hear it over the din of whichsoever environment. It shits all over the Star, and the Independant (no joke). And, it is nothing less than high art to manage to make almost every word an arbirtrary, much-recycled pun, an art I could never manage. That said.. M'colleague Matthew Silcox's current artistic endeavors, comprising of little more than cut-outs from said Sun, would rocket in price, and we could Go Mad In Morrissons.

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