Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Robot Nun

Pockets running on empty? Minds ill at ease? then may I suggest you invest an hour or so in making a Dream Machine? I can't be bothered to go into the whole history, (Brion, Burroughs, Beat, etc).
Enough has been regurgitated around that whole wormcan, and after all, that's what 'internet search engines are for anyway.

The point is, you get relaxation, visuals, colours, loss of spatial and sensory awareness, enlightenment..basically like drugs only less expensive hand less harrowing.

It's very, very, easy, honestly, I am reallly really bad both at maths and following instructions.
Here's a plan to make one for a 45rpm record deck, as all the shellac in the world has broken, and it takes an extreme love of gabba, speedcore, powerviolence, and only gabba, speedcore, and powerviolence, thus desiring to turning all your other records into above mentioned challenging-listening... to bother having need of a 78 now.

Cats like it too, which means either A) the alpha rythums in their brains work on a similar algorythum to human's, which is perhaps where we get on, or B) absolutley nothing at all.

Plans for dream machine


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  1. That looks wonderful, gonna make one ASAP!